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Automatic feeding flexo printer with slotter

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Main Products: Carton/Corrugated cardboard Machine
Model No.: HP4-A2000 Brand: 泰瑞和/unicorn/睿尚嘉... Place of Origin: China

Automatic feeding flexo printer with slotter
Printing Machine
Chain-drive feeder printing machine


Hot sale various high quality Carton Cardboard Machine, Folder Gluer Machine, Lead Edge Feeder Printing Machine, Automatic Die-cutting Machine, Manual Die-cutting Machine, gift Box from China leading manufacturer. Our Carton Cardboard Machine are high quality, cost effective and deliver more benefits. Welcome to choose us!
Used and Characteristics :
1.The chain send to paper to enter to anticipate。
2.The stalk,high accuracy , balance correct , plate hard chrome , surface to grind.
3.Drive gear , made use of alloy steel forging ( HRC58-62 ) , lubricating oil pump spray , extend gear life and ensure long-term printing chromatic precision.
4.The adoption doesn't need key conjunction set , cancellation walk to connect cleft, exaltation printing accuracy.
5.The whole machine spray to pour to lubricate and attach to establish engine oil balance equip.
6.The adoption virtuous dint west spirit move bearings in component Harbin.
7.Circle the mold department machine cam ±35 mm visit to move and expand gum mat service life.
Auto Feeder
1.Cardboard dimension adopts guide screw adjuster, easily and quickly;
2.Adjustable worktable, suitable for every kind paperboard; 
3.Feeding paper adopts rubber seamless leather belt, big frictional force; long working life; low noise; easy maintain; 
4.Double tension control device, easily and reliable; 
5.Transmission roller adopts engraved roller, increase the frictional force with the belt, guarantee the feeding smoothly.
Printing unit
1.All the axle and roller was used the high grade steal , computer dynamic balance; eliminate the centrifugal effect, plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface.
2.Printing phases was adopted the planetary gear structure, the electric digit 360 adjustment , show the digit(stop, running can adjustment).
3.Printing roller landscape orientation was adopted the touch screen control, and electric digit adjustment, the adjustment scope is 20mm.
Slotting unit
1.Slotting phases was adopted the planetary gear structure, the electric digit 360 adjustment, show the digit (stop, running can adjustment).
2.Slotting tool rest, pressure wheel , horizontal move by manual mechanic joint adjustment.
3.The height of box size was adjustment by synchronous.

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