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Automatic carton folder gluer machine

  • Min. Order:1 Set(s)
  • Date of Delivery:20 days
  • Payment Type:T/T
  • Port:Qingdao,Tianjing
Shandong Rino International Trade Co., LTD
Shandong, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Main Products: Carton/Corrugated cardboard Machine
Model No.: UG1-1450AC Brand: 泰瑞和/unicorn/睿尚嘉... Place of Origin: China

  Product description



  Automatic gluing and folding machine and it consist of vacuum adsorption feeding part, gluing and folding part and stacking and counter part. It adopts frequency to change speed and controlled by standard PLC touch screen, easy operation and reliable. High speed and energy-saving and save labor. It is suitable for the paper, corrugated paperboard with 3,5 layer.

  1. The feeding unit of the machine has the paper board stack to hold the paperboard which helps to improve the production efficiency and it also adopts the air sucking structure to improve transport efficiency and accuracy.

  2. Connecting unit adopts hot melt adhesive, four side gauge positioning to ensure accurate register and high precision.

  3. The machine major motor and conveyor adopt dual frequency for speed control. Stable and saved energy.

  Feeding section

  Adopt adsorption type belt to feed the paperboard smoothly and continuously.

  Guiding section

  It can correct deviation of feeding effectively, when deviated box get to guide will be corrected, adjust the left or right side based on the box shape.

  Folding section

  It folds second and fourth which is the last part of the box forming, box forming is folded by upper pressure conveyor belt, folding knife, pressure roller, pressure bar.

  Full pressing section

  Pressure connect between main machine and transmission, collect the box orderly and guide the box to conveyor device.

  Packaging & Delivery

  Packaging Details:

  We usually packed this machine covered by plastic film.

  Delivery Detail:

  Within 30 days after we got the deposit.

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